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Tired of slide in-slide out video templates? Create real animation now


So I know that YOU know that video is where it’s at. We’ve all heard the stats by now. We’ve watched a zillion videos on YouTube and Facebook and on websites.

In fact, if you don’t say it with video, you might just as well not say it, because your customer would most likely rather click a button and let someone else read for him, than actually read himself. We know that video is more engaging and certainly gets shared more than any other medium.

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So we get out our Powerpoint, or Camtasia, or Explaindio or whatever tool we are using and spend hours, days and weeks pumping out presentations that we can upload to YouTube and Facebook, and then we HOPE like heck that what we just created is going to get someone’s attention.

But is it? Is your video as engaging and entertaining as it could be? If you are using slides or templates, the answer is… “probably not!” In fact, unless you are an animator, or you happen to have one in your back pocket, the chances of holding somebody’s attention until they get to the offer in your video is almost like a game of chance! You have exactly 20 seconds before Joe Average goes slack-jawed with disinterest.

It’s sad, but true. Joe wants to be entertained, and you have 20 seconds to grab him before he’s off in search of a cute cat, or a sexy picture of last night’s pizza!

That’s where VidStickers comes in. VidStickers are animated objects that you can easily add to pretty much any video, presentation or website to instantly add LIFE and movement.

Now you can have REAL animated videos. With VidStickers, you can make videos that will compete with any animation studio.

Bring your videos, presentations and websites to life with VidStickers.

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