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This one secret weapon caused her to sell 236 copies of her book in 12 hours


Yes, you read that right. This one book author sold over 236 copies of her book in 12 hours, resulting in over 1000 dollars in book royalties.

And the best part is? She didn’t pay a dime up front for this promotion.

She didn’t use Facebook, Twitter, or any social media at all.
She didn’t use BookBub.
She didn’t build a website or use SEO.

She didn’t do an ounce of work promoting her book.

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Rob is now showing you exactly what this author did to garner so many sales in such a short time.

And not just her.

A whole new list of case studies – from successful authors who have promoted their book using this one simple “no work” strategy.

Want proof? Check out the page below. He has case study after case study of authors who have paid as little as nothing, 5 bucks, 40 bucks, even 300 bucks, but have sent thousands of sales using this little known resource and technique.

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The guide itself is over 60 pages long, 9000 words of pure gold. He shows you inside:

  • The Core Strategy top authors utilize to not just sell some books, but build a business out of their books
  • Core Strategy requires next to no work – with two of the three just making changes to what you are already doing
  • Why most authors who utilize these little know resources are FAILING to keep sales going after a massive successful promotion and how you can prevent that
  • 9 secret resources that top authors use – NOT Facebook, Not BookBub (though I do mention them), NOT SEO, YouTube, or anything else
  • 3 Powerful strategies for leveraging these resources – that guarantee continuing success long past the promo

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